Monday, July 11, 2011

Protecting Your Proprietary Info When You Are Swimming With Sharks

Thousands of tech start-ups will attend conferences this year. From the TED Talks in California to BarCamp events around the country, technology entrepreneurship conferences help new tech-based start-ups get access to the investors, innovators and like-minded souls needed to get a burgeoning company off the ground. But while conferences are home to some of the best technology minds on the planet, it is also home to unsecured Wi-Fi networks, making it impossible to browse in private.

Internet security may not matter much to the average tourist trying to check their Facebook status, but to entrepreneurs sharing proprietary information about the hottest new technology idea, private browsing can mean the difference between your success and the success of the entrepreneur down the hall.

Don't take that chance. With VPN services from GoTrusted, you can protect your proprietary information on unsecured networks, allowing you to use Wi-Fi across the conference floor, in the event halls and during keynote addresses and panel discussions, without risking your precious company info. It is like entering a shark tank in a cage. You can see them but they can't see you.

Imagine being able to transmit information, e-mail private files to potential investors and update your website all while hiding your IP address and not risking your information to the other entrepreneurs around you.

While technology conferences may find you the investment and interest you need to make it big, it could also find you in a world of trouble if your private information is infiltrated. Don't let the sharks take a bite out of your big idea.