Monday, December 31, 2012

China Increasing Internet Controls

China is tightening their hold on Internet users, according to a new article from Time, after a flood of online complaints about official abuses rattled Communist Party leaders.

China's government approved a new law Friday December, 28th that requires users to register their names and other identifying information when they register with access providers or post information publicly on the Internet. This is something that will remove the idea of remaining anonymous online, without a VPN service, for China's 500 million users. The public has been largely taking advantage of the internet to make complaints about the government and exposing corruption.

GoTrusted will continue to support our users located in China to make sure the protection of anonymity is not lost and that people will be able to access the Internet without censorship or fear of reprisal.

Expanded Android Support For Jellybean

Good news for our Android users. We've rolled out new settings and instructions for use with the new Android 4.1 Jellybean operating system. You can find the new instructions on our 'Android Instructions' page when you log in under 'Existing Users' and and select 'Android Instructions'.

This update coupled with Android Jellybean will provide our users with increased and simplified connectivity using the GoTrusted service making it even easier to GoTrusted when on the go!