Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Private Browsing in Public Networks

Whether you are doing business or shopping online, private browsing has become increasingly important for Internet users. While you are browsing online, your browser will record data which can later be used to improve your browsing experience. For example, your browser will record a history of the web pages you have visited, then later if you need help remembering a site you visited a while back it can assist you in finding that site. Though it seems helpful for your browser to track this information, often times you may have private information that you wouldn't want accessible to others using your computer. Enabling the 'Privacy' mode on modern browsers for Private Browsing will ensure that your web browsing activities won't leave a trace on your own computer for an unwanted viewer to access your information – but this does not actually make the website that you browse private to others on the same network, on public Wi-Fi, for example, or even over your own home ISP connection. To achieve this, you require an additional layer of security, a VPN service (virtual private networking) that will encrypt all the data your computer sends and receives over the local network.

Today there are many coffee shops and restaurants offering their customers free Wi-Fi, such as Starbucks or Panera Bread. Business men, college students and locals frequent these locations for meetings or just to relax. To have the assurance of private browsing and the knowledge that your private business or personal information cannot be attained by other users of that same network, use a reputable VPN service, like GoTrusted. With GoTrusted you can privately browse on public networks.

A (VPN) or virtual private network is a private network inside a public network, like the Internet, that is secure because of encryption and security procedures. GoTrusted's VPN services protect your proprietary information on unsecured networks, allowing you to use Wi-Fi networks in confidentiality. GoTrusted is the leading provider in Internet security, private browsing for individuals, small businesses and enterprises. They offer VPN for Mac as well as Windows. Along with ensuring that you are privately browsing while using the VPN, you can also hide an IP. Hiding your IP address allows you to surf online anonymously, assuring your privacy is protected.