Monday, July 25, 2011

Hide an IP or Lose Your Personal Information

While using a WiFi hotspot at your local coffee shop, restaurant or even hotel, you might be broadcasting your personal information to other users. It's crucial knowing how to hide an IP while surfing the Internet, or knowing which company to trust to do so for you. Social networks, email passwords, web addresses and other personal information can be seen accessed clearly when using WiFi connections. Not only can this information be seen by users at that specific location, but by others up to a mile away. More and more Internet users are making sure that they are private browsing.
Using a VPN service has become essential for business persons and your average Joe. A VPN service (Virtual Private Networking) protects your computer or mobile device by preventing hackers from scanning your system from the local WiFi connection you're using. It will also encrypt your traffic heading to your Internet connection, so you can be certain your traffic isn't being logged or scanned. VPN services allow you private browsing, identity protection, and assurance that you IP is hidden.
Looking for a VPN service that is easy to use with an accessible VPN account doesn't have to be difficult. can help you hide an IP and assure private browsing so your personal information is kept safe. By allowing you to bypass filters that would prevent your personal and business applications from freely accessing the Internet, secure tunnels allow you to pass firewalls and provides you with a secure Internet connection. GoTrusted's services provide their users with an easy to use service, allowing private browsing, hiding your true IP location and secures your sensitive information.