Friday, May 27, 2011

Prevent Personal Data Thefts with a VPN Account

From April 16-17, Sony experienced the largest online security attack to date - 100 million users' personal information was stolen and 23,400 people had their credit card information exposed. In an attempt to minimize the impact of this security breach and restore consumer confidence, Sony is offering a free ID theft protection program to U.S. residents who had an active PlayStation Network or Qriocity account as of April 20.

The Sony incident brings to light a primary concern for everyone in the digital age - identity theft issues are a global problem that people need to acknowledge and plan for accordingly. A VPN service could not have prevented the breach that occurred at Sony; however, at GoTrusted we believe Internet users should prevent their own systems from being hacked by signing up for a VPN account. This Internet security solution gives users an extra measure of protection from identity theft and stolen credit card information during a time when consumers need it the most.

How does a VPN service prevent hackers from stealing your personal information? First of all, it makes all Internet use completely private and secure. This means that when you are using a public Wi-Fi connection, the other people on that network cannot access the data on your computer or mobile device. Hackers - like those who attacked Sony - hunt for security vulnerabilities such as unprotected Internet connections, but a VPN account with GoTrusted uses encryption and a firewall for maximum privacy to keep cybercriminals at bay.