Thursday, May 5, 2011

How a VPN Service Calms Privacy Concerns

According to the recent survey "Mobile Privacy: A User’s Perspective" by TRUSTe and Harris Interactive, smartphone owners’ main concern about mobile applications is privacy. In fact, only 36% of respondents said they feel in control of their personal information when they use their smartphones. Many of the people surveyed said they do their best to stay protected by creating strong passwords and reading privacy policies, but these security solutions are not as effective as using a VPN service.

The Problem
Because smartphones are more sophisticated than ever, they are replacing the need for desktop and laptop computers. This means that consumers now carry around their personal data in their pockets. Smartphone users are aware these devices are a main source of sensitive information, which is why these privacy concerns exist. For some people, using a public WiFi connection or sharing information via apps is becoming more scary than convenient. Mobile privacy issues receive media attention, too, which fuels the public’s concerns about security.

The Solution
Smartphone users who want to feel more in control of their personal information should use a VPN service. GoTrusted secures applications with one click, making all Internet use completely private and secure. Not only does this service use strong encryption to encode personal information, but it turns public WiFi connections into secure hotspots. With GoTrusted, smartphone users know their privacy is always protected no matter where they connect. Ultimately, a VPN service is peace of mind the TRUSTe survey respondents need to calm their privacy concerns.