Tuesday, March 22, 2011

VPN Service Unblocks Social Networking Sites

Internet censorship is a hot topic in many countries all over the world. The evolution of the Internet and new technologies are helping people connect and share information in unprecedented ways. Now, more people have access to the Internet than ever before, and this upsets governments that want to regulate what their citizens read and write. One of the benefits of a VPN service is that it has the ability to unblock websites that are geographically restricted.

Social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn bring people together. As they continue to gain popularity, they seem to shrink the world. These sites help people find old friends and family members, grow their businesses, and connect people with similar interests including social, political, and economic ideas. Some countries view the power of the Internet as a threat, and they have taken action by limiting access to certain websites or even blocking them altogether. For example, Google recently accused China of blocking Gmail accounts in an attempt to thwart the communication of human rights activists.

The use of a VPN service for private browsing gives people in countries with strict censorship the ability to use the Internet freely. This hotly contested debate about the freedom of speech versus protecting privacy rights will not end anytime soon. In fact, it will probably get more heated as social networking sites continue to grow. A reliable VPN service unblocks Internet that is geographically restricted, allowing users to surf the Web anonymously and with total freedom.