Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Private Browsing for the cost of that Latte

What could be better with your mocha chino, or other favorite coffee beverage, than free Wi-Fi? Just about any coffee house you enter these days offers open access for you to enjoy with your laptop or mobile device. However, you, in turn, may be offering all of your activity and personal data to the whole neighborhood.

Just as technology has made it easy for the masses to use computers and get online, it has become quite easy for people with little technical skill to use hacker tools to intercept your information. The signal you are using in the café is not only accessible to others in the building, but is broadcast to up to a 1 mile radius.

No wonder identity theft is at an all-time high huh? The good news is, you can easily secure yourself with our VPN Service and it will only cost you about as much as your favorite gourmet coffee drink for the month. You can even start with a 7 day free trial.

Enjoy that latte and secure private browsing with a GoTrusted VPN account!