Thursday, June 9, 2011

VPN Service for Cars? The Future of the Car Industry

There are many advances being made in the car industry. Computer systems in cars are becoming more and more common as technology continues its upward trend. Sometimes this technology leads to positive things like rear view sensors, but all new things come with risk. In the future, a VPN service may be necessary to keep cars with internet connections from hackers.

Many cars have computer systems in place now. With satellites, remotely controlled engines and door locks, cars are becoming more and more connected. This connection to outside systems has the potential to make your vehicle vulnerable, however. Every system has cracks, and increasingly hackers have been able to find those cracks in the internet and exploit them. If your car is connected, that means that hackers could have access to it. A VPN service may be necessary to keep your car's internet connection secure.

Imagine that a thief hacks your car. Without making any noise that would arouse suspicion, they could unlock your door, turn on your engine and drive the car away. If they stole your car at night, they could be selling the car for parts by the time you find out it's gone. Cars may not have been targeted yet, but it's only a matter of time before someone figures out that they could make a lot of money hacking cars and has the knowledge to do it. Investing in a VPN service might be a way for the car industry or individual car owners to avoid theft and sabotage.