Tuesday, January 24, 2012

GoTrusted Releases New Macintosh v2228 Software

Doing our best to make Apple Macintosh users happy and safe, GoTrusted is pleased to announce the release of our new Macintosh VPN Service software version 2228. The new software fixes an issue with a recent OSX update that may cause a nagging disconnect issue on certain WiFi connections (please give us a heads-up on that one next time, Apple!). It also increases performance a bit.

Existing Mac VPN users can indulge themselves on the shiny newness of v2228 by first "Quitting" the current version (no red 'G' visible in the menubar) - then downloading the latest version from our website by clicking on 'Existing Users' on the top of our website. If you have any issues with the new software, feel free to use our Support page form to tell us.