Monday, February 14, 2011

Safer Internet Day 2011

This past week was the celebration of Safer Internet Day, now recognized in 65 countries. There were over 500 events organized this year to help people to recognize the risks that exist online for them, their families and how to be safe.

With kids getting online at younger and younger ages and having easier access with mobile devices, this type of education is crucial for parents. There are obviously many aspects of being safe online, from your passwords to avoiding cyber-bullying. Much of the focus tends to be on what your kids may be watching online, however another thing we need to keep in mind is who is watching them. Using public WiFi, all of your kids online activity, such as Facebook posts and who their friends are, is out in the open to be seen. Much can be discerned from the IP address your child is using, including where they go to school and live.

The headlines we see every day often report about predators going after children. People with these intentions will use any means necessary to target their victims and a child’s Internet activity could make it easier for them.

You can rest assured this risk will be eliminated if your child is connecting with a GoTrusted VPN Account. Our simple to use service will block their IP and encrypt any information they are posting.

Monday, February 7, 2011

China: Facebook's undiscovered country

There's a good article on accessing Facebook when it's blocked in China from CNN.  We're mentioned as one of the options, in addition to a web proxy service.  There are important differences between a VPN service like GoTrusted and a simple web proxy...

- Web proxies will be slower

- They may not fully support all web content - some web pages may not load or work properly. This isn't an issue with a full VPN like GoTrusted.

- Simple web proxies do not proxy other applications, just your web browser.  GoTrusted will encrypt/proxy all applications automatically like Email, Instant Messaging, Video... pretty much anything that uses the Internet on your computer.

- Simple web proxies will not encrypt your data as a full VPN can - so what you browsing is still in the clear for your ISP or other users 'tapping' in to your connection.

China: Facebook's undiscovered country