Monday, February 7, 2011

China: Facebook's undiscovered country

There's a good article on accessing Facebook when it's blocked in China from CNN.  We're mentioned as one of the options, in addition to a web proxy service.  There are important differences between a VPN service like GoTrusted and a simple web proxy...

- Web proxies will be slower

- They may not fully support all web content - some web pages may not load or work properly. This isn't an issue with a full VPN like GoTrusted.

- Simple web proxies do not proxy other applications, just your web browser.  GoTrusted will encrypt/proxy all applications automatically like Email, Instant Messaging, Video... pretty much anything that uses the Internet on your computer.

- Simple web proxies will not encrypt your data as a full VPN can - so what you browsing is still in the clear for your ISP or other users 'tapping' in to your connection.

China: Facebook's undiscovered country