Monday, January 13, 2014

Microsoft to Cease Windows XP Support

Microsoft has announced that it will no longer be supporting XP or Office 2003 starting on April 8th, 2014.

XP has been actively supported the past 11 years with system and security updates. According to Net Applications, a metrics company that tracks the percentage of users on each operating system, the XP install base is still at 37% globally.

Some people are taking Microsofts advice to upgrade their OS.  The global percentage of computers using XP dropped from the 40% it was at previously, but 37% is still a significant number.

Come April 8th you can expect XP machines to no longer automatically update and security updates to no longer be issued. Many believe this will be the starting gun for hacker groups to find security holes. Without updates these possible security holes will remain open and the operating system exposed.

Now's the time to think about upgrading if you were on the fence before. Upgrading your OS and running your GoTrusted Tunnel will ensure you remain safe while browsing online.