Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cloud Computing Makes Private Browsing Services Even More Necessary

In today's high-tech world, cloud technology allows you to access information almost anywhere. However, if you haven't heard of private browsing, then you may be vulnerable to hackers and identity thieves.

With cloud computing becoming more and more popular, people have access to a great deal of information from multiple devices, using applications as opposed to software. As the ease of using these tools increases, so do the instances of information theft. When you log onto the Internet from a public location like a hotel or a café, your information is broadcast and is easy to find for someone with the knowledge to find it. VPN (Virtual Private Networking) will hide your IP address and encrypt traffic to protect your information.

Private browsing services allow a user to access information anywhere without letting anyone within a one mile radius know all of their private information. These systems also allow a user to access the web safely using multiple devices. Think of all the places that you use your cell phone. Imagine doing work on your laptop at a business conference or accessing the Internet through your tablet and finding out the hard way that someone stole your passwords and email information and now has access to your bank account.

Cloud technology is incredibly portable and convenient, and the more people that are aware of what they are transmitting while using it, the easier it will be to stop hackers. A private browsing system is a simple and easy way to use public Internet stress free.