Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A VPN Service is a Must for Business Travelers

Are you a business traveler? If you are like most, then you are likely hoping on every Wi-Fi connection you can find between stops to stay in touch. What many do not realize is that they are putting their personal and company data at risk while they are at it.

Wi-Fi hotspots are really convenient and often leveraged by business travelers who seek to get work done on the road or while en route. Unfortunately, the hotspots are not entirely secure. When using paid or free hotspots, you are susceptible to hackers who are privy to private information such as your email address, IM messages, Web searches, and other data sent or received using the wireless network. Some of the cleaver hackers will even create imposter WiFi hotspot's network; you think you are logging onto the airport or hotel's Wi-Fi but you are really sending information to a hacker's computer.

In effort to be productive, leaking company data could be the most unproductive thing to happen to your business if it falls into the wrong hands. Fortunately, by simply using a VPN service you can work seamlessly without any risks. A VPN service enables you to securely use Wi-Fi hotspots in airports, cafes, hotels, etc. Even if you fall prey to a hacker's wily ways, they would receive encrypted and undecipherable code rather than your private information.

The VPN service is easy to use and easy to understand. After you're connected to our service, you will receive an alert that your traffic is encrypted as it leaves your system. Your traffic reaches the 'safe point' on our secured site, and then is decrypted and sent to its destination. This is all performed without a nuisance or disturbance in your work; and, works well with most any mobile and computer applications.