Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is it Safe to Use Your Credit Card without a VPN Service?

How many purchases, subscriptions and other types of payments do you make online these days? Do you frequently use your computer or mobile device to surf the Web and make online purchases? With the advent of public WiFi, you may do so at your local coffee shop, airport, library, hotel, etc. Did you know that you are leaving yourself susceptible to hackers intercepting your credit card information? Hackers will monitor these types public WiFi connections you are using and can easily capture your information. Scary has easy it can be for them, but with a VPN service.

A Virtual Private Network protects your computer and mobile device from other users who use public WiFi connections to attack and scan your information. In addition, a VPN service encrypts your traffic destined for the Internet, so you can rest assured your traffic isn't being scanned by anyone within the mile radius you are broadcasting to. You can begin safely surfing the Internet and using your credit card securely within minutes of signing up for a VPN service.

The service is easy to use and easy to understand. After you're connected to the service, a status will indicate that your computer or mobile device traffic is being encrypted as it leaves your system. Once that traffic reaches our safe 'launching point' to the Internet backbone at our secure site, the information is decrypted and sent on its way. The system works with virtually all applications and is done without interrupting your session or work at hand.

For about the cost of the gourmet latte at your favorite coffee shop, you can use your credit card on your computer or mobile device without anxiety... for a whole month. Isn't it worth it?