Monday, November 19, 2012

Google says 'Government Surveillance is On The Rise'

In an article recently published on, Google has released information regarding governments' requests for information on users as part of their 'Transparency Report'.

There have been 20,938 total inquiries to Google, involving 34,614 accounts worldwide. Currently, it seems, that governments around the world are increasing surveillance of Internet users. Google has stated they have complied with most of these requests. It's also worth noting that this is only in reference to Google. The numbers are likely much higher when you take into account all providers governments may also be issuing these inquiries to.

The report comes following prominent email snooping cases from official agencies. A situation that puts front and center the fact that, in current digital times, it is so important for us to be advocates for our own privacy and safety when going online.

This is why we're working so hard here at GoTrusted. To make sure our customers' privacy is protected while using our Secure VPN Tunnel. Whether that's from malicious individuals or governments who's policies take a turn and privacy becomes the target. We are here to make sure worrying about your online privacy and security isn't an issue.