Tuesday, February 7, 2012

GoTrusted Celebrates Safer Internet Day

Along with industry majors, such as Google, Microsoft, and others, GoTrusted is marking this day, the ninth annual Safer Internet Day (SID), to bring awareness of how to use the Internet safely for all users.

Important steps for anyone using the Internet, especially parents:

• Keep computers that children use in a central location in the home

• Have an open discussion with your child about what they do online and where they go

• Maintain an up-to-date antivirus software to prevent trojans and other malware browser plugins from monitoring you or your child's activity

• Get in the habit of having your child use a VPN Service when browsing or chatting in order to protect their identity and location such as school they attend, cafes they visit, libraries, and other information that can be obtained from their IP address when using the Internet without a VPN Service. This goes for parents as well.

• Teach your child proper online communication etiquette - avoid chatting to strangers about private information such as places of work, school and other personal information.

More information is available at the SID official website:

Use the Internet Safely Today! ...and every other day.