Thursday, October 6, 2011

Prepare For Midterms With VPN Services

From Cliff's Notes to study groups, college students have already begun preparing for midterm exams coming up this October. But before you get to the treats at Halloween, it might be wise to have a few midterm tricks up your sleeve that studying can't provide. This guide can show you how using a VPN service can increase your identity protection and your productivity through the difficult exam period.

Protect Your Projects: The modern university is a competitive place. After all, Facebook was famously created in a dorm room. If you are working on an A+ midterm presentation, chances are your classmates know something about it and are interested in having a peak at your work. And if you have worked on your college's unsecured wifi networks or studied from an off-campus hotspot, you may have given your competitors a front-row seat. With a VPN account, you can reroute all your personal web browsing data through an encrypted remote server and hide your IP address so your computer-savvy classmates can't get a behind-the-scenes look at your next great innovation.

Battle The Campus Firewall: Anyone who has ever tried to research a taboo subject like child pornography or serial killers knows that finding information can be tricky. That's because college campuses ardently protect themselves from lawsuits by ensuring that illegal material is never viewed or downloaded on their watch. The result is an over-restrictive firewall system that often blocks legitimate research sites that students need to complete classroom assignments. In order to study, research and reference certain websites on campus, students can use a VPN service. By rerouting all web search data, VPN users can circumvent university firewalls and search on campus unencumbered. It is cheaper than a mobile hotspot and more secure than any campus wifi network.

Make the more scholarly choice this midterm season by using a service that can make your studying and private browsing that much easier.