Friday, April 8, 2011

New Study Shows Majority of Men Want Private Browsing

According to a recent online poll in the U.K., more men welcome private browsing than women. More than half of the men polled said they have enabled a private browsing feature so their partner could not see their browsing history. The results of this poll might have British women asking what their husbands are hiding, but it has us asking "why are only 52% of men enabling private browsing"? Everyone should use a VPN service on their computers for privacy and security purposes.

Of the men and women who responded to the poll, 62% of them said the reason they like private browsing is because this feature makes them feel safer when purchasing things online. It’s true – if you make online payments or use your credit card to shop online without a VPN service then you are vulnerable to hackers who can easily steal your information. These software packages are especially important for people who connect to public WiFi on their computers or mobile devices.

Another reason why poll respondents said they like private browsing is because they can shop online without their families knowing what they bought. Online shopping is a modern convenience that many people take advantage of, especially during the holidays. However, the element of surprise can be easily spoiled if family members simply check the browsing history to see which websites were recently visited on that computer. The use of the private browsing feature of a web browser helps protect against this, but the addition of a VPN service ensures that the purchase is truly anonymous.