Monday, May 13, 2013

Major Update Coming for Windows 8

     Some good news for our Windows 8 users. Microsoft released a statement earlier this week telling of a new update code named 'Blue' that they'll be releasing June 26th at the Build developers conference held in San Francisco.

     They're has been plenty of feedback from users both critical and positive. Something Microsoft has readily acknowledged.

"We need to work to address a real learning curve with Windows 8," said Tami Reller, chief financial officer for Microsoft's Windows division. "That's a big challenge for us." 

     The update is rumored to address some of the issues that people have been raising most concern about. One of the biggest being a lack of a true 'Start' button that has been present in every Microsoft OS release since '95. 

     There can be a steep learning curve associated with Microsoft's new operating system and can seem daunting to new users. We have our share of support cases involving Windows 8 and that's why our support is there! Don't hesitate to send them an email if you run into any issues using GoTrusted on your Windows 8 devices.